1. Hi Lynne, the two pieces have arrived. Look fantastic and can't wait to hang them in the new house. Thanks for sharing your artistic talent.
    - Shane/ Collector - Sydney, Australia
  2. I really like your style of painting especially the beautiful color combinations. Congratulations!
    - Gianni Morini / Artist - Italy
  3. Beautiful work Lynne, working with "chance" and experimenting can often create effects we could never get on purpose. Simply stunning!!!
    - Vanja / Artist - Australia
  4. How impressive and magnificent ! So simple...so deep! Like our Life! Great! Thank you!
    - Sandra / Artist - France
  5. After seeing so much of your art last night, I thought I had to tell you this. I am a person with Synesthesia - this means that every time I hear music, I see colours in my mind. I've tried capturing what these colours look like when I hear specific songs through art, and I've created several digital paintings that have tried replicating it. However, no matter how hard I've tried, most of the paintings don't show quite what it's like. But when I saw your paintings, it was as if I was reliving moments I saw in various songs I've heard. Your paintings portray so well what I cannot replicate. For nearly every painting of yours, there's a song that plays in my head. I love your work and I think your command of colour is magnificent. I look forward to seeing more of your work!
    - Madeleine / Artist - United States
  6. OOOOOOOH My god! Lynne I love this one even more it is absolutely spectacular, I couldn’t have asked for more.. I am soooooooooooooooooo grateful to you! You are simply amazingly awesome..
    - Shivi / Commission Client - Australia